Fun Easter Games The Family Will Enjoy

Happy young girls coloring Easter eggs at home

Happy young girls coloring Easter eggs at home

Are you looking forward to some family fun this Easter? You are likely planning an Easter egg hunt, baskets full of gifts, and a delicious meal, but what about games? You can add some extra fun to the occasion with these Easter games that are perfect for the entire family.

Easter Egg Advent Calendar

You don’t have to wait until Easter to start having some fun. You can create an Easter Egg advent calendar for the kiddos. Write fun activities on pieces of paper and put them inside of plastic eggs. Have your kids open an egg each day, and then they can enjoy the activity that’s written inside.

Guess How Many Jelly Beans

You can make your own game this Easter by filling a glass jar with jelly beans. Hand out pieces of paper so people can write down how many jelly beans they think are in the jar. The person closer wins the ultimate prize – the jar of jelly beans. That will go great with chocolate Easter bunnies and other Easter treats.

Clue Hunt

No one says you have to do the same Easter egg hunt each year. You can mix it up with a clue hunt. You’ll need your regular Easter eggs plus some plastic eggs. Fill the plastic eggs with clues that explain where to find the real Easter eggs. This game is so much fun that your older kids might want to join the hunt this year.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Did you play pin-the-tail on the donkey back in the day? You can introduce your little ones to the classic game with an Easter-themed twist. Instead of using a donkey, your family will pin the tail on the bunny. You can print the bunny off and then hang it on a wall. Then it will be time to compete. You can show your kids that you still have some pinning skills when you play this game.

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Easter-themed Cornhole

You can also enjoy some competition with a game of Easter-themed cornhole. If you’re creative, you can make your own cornhole set. Then add an Easter design, and you’ll be ready to play. You can also buy an Easter-themed cornhole set online. No matter which route you choose, you can expect to have a blast playing. People of all ages can play cornhole, so no one has to feel left out with this game.

These Easter games will bring your family together and help you create some life-long memories. Adding the right games can turn this into the best Easter yet!

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