Make Your Holiday Safe With These Tips

Christmas safety

Christmas safety

The holidays should be a fun time for you and your family, so make sure to keep your home safe with these tips from the Red Cross.

Fire Danger

Anytime you’re dealing with your Christmas tree, you want to make sure that you’re minimizing the dangers of fire. An artificial tree with electric lights can be a fire hazard if it’s not set up correctly. And it doesn’t matter whether you have an artificial or real tree: keep it away from the fireplace. And when you’re lighting candles, make sure to put them out fully before you leave the room. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are the top three days for home candle fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. A fire in your home would be an awful way to louse up your holidays.

Safety First

Check the power cords to your electric lights before you string them on the tree. That means check the entire length of the cord. Broken lights, frayed cords, or empty light sockets can potentially be a safety hazard. Are you buying or using an artificial tree? Make sure to look for a label that says it’s fire-resistant. Keep it away from heat sources. If you’re buying a live tree, make sure the tree is fresh — not just painted green by the seller — and water it regularly so that the needles don’t dry out. Dry needles will go up in flames quickly. You can check the smaller branches by bending them up slightly to make sure they’re still supple.

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Don’t Fall

If you’re like most folks, you’ll be using a ladder to put up some of your decorations. Make sure the ladder is stable, and wear shoes with good traction. Never climb a ladder when you’re barefoot, and stay steady up there as you work. It’s always a good idea to have another person hold the ladder for you.

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