Register For The Ober Uphill 5K

group of men and women running a 5k

group of men and women running a 5k

The Ober Uphill 5K is an all-in-one challenging racecourse, a fun way to spend a Saturday, and a fundraiser for a worthy cause. The race takes place at Ober Gatlinburg, which is a quick drive from Morristown, Tennessee. If you love to run or just want to support The Boys & Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains, lace up and join the race. Just be prepared to take on a mountain.

Event Details

The Ober Uphill 5K takes place at 9 a.m. on Sept. 25. The course starts at Downtown Ober Gatlinburg, a local ski resort. You can sign up ahead of time for $40 or on race day for $45. Registration includes a unisex T-shirt and race bib.

A Challenging Terrain

The race is almost entirely uphill, with less than 20% of the course is flat or declining ground. If you can win this grueling race, you will be crowned King or Queen of the Mountain. The first three men and women to cross the finish line will win awards, as will the top three racers in each age group.

Running for a Cause

Proceeds from the race go to the Boys & Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains. As such, the Ober Uphill 5K also asks for donations along with your registration fee. You can sponsor a child in your area for a day, week, month, season, or the entire year.

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Enjoy Ober Gatlinburg

After the race is complete, the celebration will continue in Ober Gatlinburg. The Shulz Brau mobile BierGarten will serve refreshments at the finish line, and these are donations from Gatorade.

Ober Gatlinburg will also be in the middle of its Oktoberfest celebration. You can catch traditional Bavarian music and enjoy other activities. Schnitzel and pretzels will be on the menu as well.

Though the race will not coincide with the ski season, there are many other things to see at Ober Gatlinburg. The mountain coaster is operational all year long, as are the scenic chairlifts. It has wildlife encounters, kiddie rides, a massive chair swing, and a rock-climbing wall. Make a stop at Alpine slide if you are adventure-minded.

Mark your calendars and start training for the run on Ski Mountain Road. Hikers and spectators are also welcome. This day of fun and competition supports opportunities for underprivileged children in the region. Whether you love running or cannot imagine why anyone would spend their morning this way, you are sure to have a splendid time at the Ober Uphill 5K.

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