When Are Your Brakes Due For Repair?

Brake pad replacement in car service

Brake pad replacement in car service

On most days, you don’t give your car’s brakes a second thought. You push on the pedal, the brakes stop the car, and you’re good to go. However, they might be sending warning signs that they’re about to fail, and if you miss them, you could end up in a frightening situation. Avoid that by learning the signs that your brakes are due for repair.

You Hear Grinding or High-Pitched Noises

Your brakes should be quiet when you apply them. Sometimes, brakes emit a grinding or high-pitched noise when the pedal goes down. If your brakes could talk, they’d probably say, “The pads are worn down, and I’m hardly hanging on here.” The brakes could fail if you don’t get them repaired. Plus, you could end up damaging other parts of your braking system, so this isn’t something to put off.

Your Brakes Vibrate

If you feel vibrations when braking, that’s yet another sign that something’s wrong. This typically happens when the rotors become warped. The good news is you can probably get the rotors resurfaced if you take your car to a mechanic right away. However, you’ll need to replace the rotors if they’re significantly damaged.

Your ABS Light Comes On

Your car’s dashboard indicator is full of helpful information about your car, including potential issues. That includes the anti-lock braking system. The corresponding light can come on for a myriad of reasons, and when it does, your brakes could lock up. That’s why it’s such a good idea to take care of it as soon as you see the light.

The Brakes Feel Different

You also need to get your brakes repaired if you notice they feel different than normal. For example, if your brakes feel spongy and harder to apply, something’s going on with the system. After an inspection, the technician can identify the problem and help you get back on the road.

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You Don’t Feel Resistance With the Emergency Brake

You should feel some resistance when setting your car’s emergency brake. That’s true, whether setting it by hand or by foot. After an inspection, the mechanic can determine if you need to repair or replace your brakes.

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