3 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day (On A Budget)

A gift from a child for mothers day - a card from a picture and coffee in bed in the morning.

Mother’s Day is only two weeks away. To some, that may seem like plenty of time to put together a relaxing, sentimental day for mom. But, when kids are involved, things need a lot more planning. So, we’re here to help you come up with a few budget-friendly ideas to help your kids say, “We heart you,” on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Most days, moms have to get up early to get the little ones ready for daycare or school. Usually, that means preparing a nutritious breakfast for the kids. So, you might be surprised to learn a lot of busy moms skip eating a decent breakfast themselves. So on Sunday, May 8th, tell mom to hit the snooze button. Then, spend the morning helping the kiddos make her breakfast in bed. You can even take it a step further and start a habit of food prepping for weekday mornings. This way mom isn’t so rushed and she won’t miss breakfast anymore.

Write Mom a Thank You Letter

Before Mommy Day arrives, help your kids craft a handwritten letter of thanks. The letter should mention all the wonderful reasons that Mom is awesome.  You can also take this opportunity to point out all the little (and big) things that mom does for your family. Talk to your little ones about ways they can show mom their appreciation throughout the year. Simple things like regularly saying “thank you for dinner” or helping with their homework can help moms know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

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Make A Mother’s Day Video

Make individual videos of each of your kids extolling their love and appreciation for mom. You can help them come up with specific memories of days or events they’ve shared with their mother and what they loved about them.  Or, have each kid come up with a list of the reasons they think their mom is the greatest in the world. Once you’ve made a video of each kid, compile all the videos. You can add videos and music, then show the entire presentation to mom after a wonderful Mother’s Day dinner.

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