Why Hyundai? Find Out More About Our Mission!


Most people know Hyundai as a car company that is passionate about building dependable cars that last. When they dig a little deeper they will see that Hyundai is so much more than a car manufacturer. It is a corporate citizen that takes great pride in giving back to its community. Here is more information about Hyundai’s mission.


In 1998, Hyundai created Hyundai Hope on Wheels with the goal of improving the well-being of communities. It is a nonprofit organization that funds research to fight pediatric cancer and raises awareness of the disease. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hyundai Hope on Wheels, $25 million in grants was dedicated to advanced research and support nationwide. With the contribution, the total giving since 1998 is now 1,300 research grants totaling $225 million to 175 institutions across the nation. The reason the donation amounts have ballooned so dramatically is because of the continued increase in participation over the years. There are 820 dealerships in the United States that participate in Hyundai Hope on Wheels. Every time any one of them sells a new vehicle, a little bit more is chipped in for the cause. Bigger than the numbers, however, are the lives behind what they represent – child survivors who have beaten cancer. In particular, current ambassadors of the program, Raynie Clark and Oliver Foster, travel the country to share their stories and gratitude for Hyundai and its customers.

Jobs in America

Hyundai is committed to the American economy, and it backs up that commitment with its presence in the nation. Nearly 100,000 people in the United States design, engineer, build, and service Hyundai vehicles. Some of those are at the company’s plant in Montgomery, Alabama, where it makes a significant impact on the community. In addition to providing a way for so many people there to earn a living, Hyundai and its local employees support organizations like the Marine Corps Toys for Tots. Hyundai employees in California and Michigan likewise impact their communities.

Making Drivers Happy

Building relationships with drivers is very important to Hyundai, and that goes beyond building quality vehicles. Hyundai wants to deliver peace of mind with programs such as Shopper Assurance and Job Loss Assurance. It also seeks to offer the best warranties in the nation, a perfect way to show customers that Hyundai stands behind the vehicles it builds. People like Farrah Haines understand the value of a Hyundai. She was the first person to put one million miles on her Elantra.

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Building for Tomorrow

Hyundai is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. One of the ways the company does this is through a partnership with a nonprofit organization called One Tree Planted, in which they have planted 250,000 trees nationwide.

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