Make Your Summer Colorful With These DIY Painted Planters

Hands of a Latin mulatto woman, painting clay pots to plant succulent plants

Spruce up your garden with a bit of color this summer by painting your clay pots. You can find inspiration for all your designs just by looking around. Check out these painting tips from The Crafted Sparrow and let your creativity flow. It can be difficult to find the perfect pots for your garden, porch, patio, or table, so make your own, then all that’s left is to pick the flower and plants to put in the pots.

DIY Painted Planters

Tools And Supplies:

  • Clear Brush-On Sealer
  • Oil-Based Paint Markers
  • Foam Brush
  • Terracotta Planters, various sizes
  • Acrylic Paint


Step 1: Pick a base color for each terracotta planter and paint them using your foam brush.

Step 2: Let it dry. NOTE: If you try to add the designs before the base coat is dry, then you smear the paint.

Step 3: Take a pencil and trace the design that you want on your terracotta planter. NOTE: Making marks with pencil is easier to erase than paint.

Step 4: Using the oil-based paint markers trace the design that you created with your pencil.

Step 5: Dry again, and then give them a coat of clear coat. NOTE: This step is to work as a sealer for your paint, so it may be easier to brush or spray the clear coat on.

Step 6: Plant your flowers or plants into the terracotta planter and enjoy!

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Get Painting Today

There are endless possibilities as to what you can make. You can create flower and fruit designs on your pots. This is a great way to add a little pop of color throughout your yard, and its perfect for everyone no matter how skilled you are at painting. You can even get your family and friends involved so that everyone has a planter to display. Once you’ve painted all your planters all that’s left is to grab the plant or flower of your choice and plant them into the pot.

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