Get Your Car In Shape With These Maintenance Tips

Close-Up Of Hand holding pressure gauge for car tyre pressure measurement

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home and garden. There are things you can do in the spring to get your car ready for warmer weather and all the travel that entails. Use this list of maintenance tasks from HowStuffWorks to get your car in tip-top shape fast.

Check Your Tires

Maintaining your tires is always important, but if you’re planning to travel extensively during the warmer weather, you should give your tires more attention.  Start by checking your tire pressure. Making sure you have the correct tire pressure is important for maintaining the integrity of your tires. If your pressure is too high, your tires will have less contact with the road which can lead to hydroplaning or sliding. If your pressure is too low, you are more likely to have a blowout. Check your tire pressure yourself or have a mechanic do it for you during an alignment and rotation.

Bonus Tip: If you have snow tires, make sure to trade them out for summer tires or all-season tires to improve performance and fuel-efficiency.

Get an Oil Change

The oil in your engine has a big job to do. It keeps your engine clean, lubricated, and cool. It’s important to give your car clean, fresh oil when it needs it. Most modern vehicles need an oil change once a year at the very least. Some may need an oil change more frequently, but manufacturer recommendations range from every 6,000 miles to every 15,000 miles. Regardless of how often you need an oil change, spring is a great time to get it done. People travel the most during the holidays and during the summer. Spring is directly in the middle of these high travel seasons, so it’s a good idea to at least check your oil during the spring.

Bonus Tip: While you’re at it, check your coolant and transmission fluid as well.

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Check Your Brakes

No matter how many advanced driver assistance features you have, your brake system is the most important safety feature. Before you travel, always check that your brakes are in good condition. Schedule a maintenance appointment at Tarr Hyundai.

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