Welcome Spring With This DIY Wreath


Many people like to decorate their front door with a Christmas wreath during the holiday season, but, the truth is, wreaths are a great way to decorate your door any season of the year. And when you make your own, it can be even more special. Welcome spring with this DIY wreath and you make make your home look very nice as the days begin to get warmer and longer. Best of all, you can do it with very little cost.

Getting Started

To begin this particular task, you actually want to get a wreath to start out with – something that costs very little money. Thrift shops and other bargain stores are typically a good place where you can find an item like this at an affordable price. While you’re there, you can probably find many of the other items you might need in order to work on your wreath so you can get it looking exactly the way you want. Or, you can visit discount or other stores that are known for low prices – Wal-Mart for instance – to find the artificial flowers and other decorations you will add to your wreath.

List Of Decorations

This is up to you and that creative noodle of yours. Artificial flowers are ideal for spring time. Perhaps you want to get a bird to include in the wreath somewhere and maybe even some eggs – just make sure to let the kids know that the eggs on the wreath are not part of your Easter Egg hunt if you host one. You may even want to get some raffia that you can use to create a nest for your bird. Of course, you’ll need a hot glue gun to attach many of these items.

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Hanging Your Wreath

Once you have completed your wreath, the only question now is deciding where you want to hang it. Many people hang a wreath on their front door and this wreath could look very nice on yours, a welcoming decoration for spring that people will enjoy as they pass by your house. However, you may prefer to hang it somewhere inside as well. The choice is yours.



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