Check Out These Books For Kids Of All Ages

Boy reading a book while relaxing on the sofa at home.

If you’re a parent, you surely want to do everything possible to ensure your child gets a good education. Part of that involves making sure they are reading enough. This may sound easy, but it’s something that many parents struggle with. After all, these days, more and more kids just want to spend hours a day looking at a screen, and we know that’s not a great thing when it comes to helping them learn. That’s why it’s important to get them offline when you can and get them in front of a good book. But before they’d want to read, they’re going to have to find something they’re interested in. At a loss? Check out some of the most popular kids’ books on the market today, and pick them out for your little one. They’ll be reading the day away in no time at all.

‘Dory Fantasmagory’ by Abby Hanlon

If you have a little dreamer on your hands, you have to check out “Dory Fantasmagory” by Abby Hanlon. This beautiful book is all about a little girl who can’t stop dreaming up wild fantasies. It’s a celebration of creativity and smart thinking, and kids of all ages are sure to love it. It’s going to inspire them to think differently and do things their own way, which is something all parents want for their kids.

‘Dragons Love Tacos’ by Adam Rubin

You already know your little one loves tacos. But did they know that dragons love tacos, too? That’s just what they’ll learn when they get the chance to read “Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin. This adorable story features delicious food, fun dragons, and a ton of other loving characters. Pick it up sometime soon.

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‘The Book With No Pictures’ by B. J. Novak

Most of the time, when you’re reading to a young child, you’ll show them the pictures in the book as you read. That’s the joy of a picture book, right? Well, B. J. Novak puts that idea to the test with the very cool and interesting “The Book With No Pictures.” This book is fun, and it’s an excellent way for the whole family to bond over a piece of literature.

Now that you know about some of the best kids’ books on the market right now, you have some ideas about what your child might like. It can be hard to find a book they want to read, but they’re almost sure to like one of the books on this list.

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