Have Your Kids Create These Fun Ornaments

Handmade Felt Christmas Ornamental Tree Decorations, Craft Being MadeThis holiday season may look a little different, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun to still be had. Ornament-making is a timeless tradition dating back to 16th-century Germany. Check out some of the ideas below for easy and inexpensive tree adornments that the whole family can make snuggled safe inside!

Icicle Ornaments – Super Easy

You probably remember making these fun pipe cleaner icicles as a kid. All you need are the pipe cleaners and plastic beads, both of which you can easily find at a craft store or dollar store.

Styrofoam Button Ornaments

Teach your kids the value of reduce, reuse, recycle with these styrofoam button ornaments. Just run a styrofoam produce tray through the dishwasher, and it becomes the perfect ornament-making canvas.

Twig Tree Ornaments

Don your best winter jacket and head outside to collect materials for twig tree ornaments. Keep your eyes peeled for berries, pine needles, and other accessories to make your twig tree unique.

Tissue Paper Candy Cane Ornaments

For the very little ones, check out these instructions for tissue paper candy canes. They’re perfect for toddlers and require little assistance from adults.

Initial Ornaments

Does your family love customization? Then try these initial ornaments. Kids will be overjoyed to see their own initials hanging from the family tree.

Paper Candy Canes

Older kids, in particular, will love making these candy cane ornaments. They’re so easy, using just markers and paper, and they’re super addictive. Don’t be surprised if you end up with an entire tree covered in candy canes this year.

Wool-Wrapped Christmas Tree

Help kids refine their motor skill development while creating a beautiful, custom-made ornament. These wool-wrapped trees will challenge your kids’ coordination skills as they wind their ornaments with yarn.

Glittered CD Ornaments

Kids today might not even know what a CD is. If you’ve got some old, scratched discs in your collection, give them a second life on your tree. Glittered CD ornaments are a simple way to spread cheer with items you already have in the house.

Simple Craft Stick Ninja Ornaments

Do you have any ninja-loving kids in your family? If so, they’ll love these craft stick ninja ornaments. Easy to make, they’re an adorable addition to your tree that kids will be proud to make.

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