Everything You Need To Know About Disc Golf And Where To Play In Morristown

Close-up of a woman's hand as she throws a carefully aimed frisbee disc toward the basket.

In the past couple of years, disc golf has become an extremely popular sport. It is low impact and great for all ages! If you are looking for something new to do outside, disc golf would make a perfect activity or hobby to try. Keep reading to see what this fun sport is all about.

What Is Disc Golf

Disc golf is played exactly how you would think it would be. Instead of playing golf with your standard golf clubs, golf balls, and a hole on the golf course, you use a flying disc and aim it towards the elevated baskets. It can get pretty challenging since disc golf is usually played in a wooded area instead of an open golf course.  You will start from the first obstacle and aim the disc to throw in the basket. Wherever it lands is where you must pick up the disc and try again until you make it into the basket. You keep doing this until the course is complete. You will want to wear sturdy, closed-toe outdoor shoes for this game.

Why You Should Play

Disc golf is a great workout! You won’t even notice you are using your upper and lower body. Not only is it great for your physical health, but it is also a great mental stimulation, too. Concentration is a huge part of the game which means your mind will be getting a major workout as well. Depending on who you play with and how many people play, your game can be done within an hour or two. No matter who you decide to play with or what course you go to, you will have a blast. Disc golf is a great game no matter your age.

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Where To Play In Morristown

Morristown, also known as the Disc Golf Capital of Tennessee, is the home of multiple championship-caliber disc golf courses. If you are just learning how to play, Morristown is the place to learn. Kiwanis Disc Golf Course, Cherokee Disc Golf Course, Rotary Disc Golf Course, and Panther Creek Disc Golf Course are all the great courses you can play. Pack your discs and start throwing – Morristown is ready for you!

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