Experience Disc Golf Fun In Morristown, TN

Flying disc sport game in the city park

Did you know that Morristown is known as “Tennessee’s Disc Golf Capital?” The city has four championship-caliber courses, and it attracts players from around the state. You’re lucky enough to live in Morristown, so you don’t have to take a big trip to play a rousing game of disc golf. Instead, you can load up your gear and head to one of the city’s disc golf courses.

Panther Creek Disc Golf Course

Panther Creek Disc Golf Course is the most challenging course in Morristown. It’s also the city’s finest. It has everything you want in a tough course, from the elevation to the wooded fairways. You do get some long, open shots on the 9,500 feet-course, too, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Panther Creek is worthy of the pros, but you don’t need to be a champion to play here. It’s a fun challenge, and you’ll enjoy coming back to try to shave points off your score.

Rotary Disc Course at Frank Lorino Park

If you want something a bit easier, check out the Rotary Disc Course at Frank Lorino Park. This course isn’t as long as Panther Creek State Park, and it also offers yellow and blue baskets, allowing you to choose a length based on your skill level. While it has some wooded holes and other challenges, it also has open spaces. Beginners and intermediate players have been known to birdie on some of the holes here.

Kiwanis Disc Golf Course at Wayne Hansard Park

The Kiwanis Disc Golf Course at Wayne Hansard Park measures in at under 5,000 feet and is a great spot to practice your skills. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’ll be a breeze, though. The course has a mixture of flat land and hills, and the elevation can be challenging. The designer incorporated many technical shots into the mix to test yourself quite a bit here.

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Cherokee Park Disc Golf Course

You’ll also want to check out Cherokee Park Disc Golf Course. The course is 7,255 feet and includes eight shots over 400 feet. You’ll experience elevation at each hole, and the woods come into play quite a bit. Even though it has its challenges, you can get a birdie or two on this course.

You don’t need experience or much equipment to play on these courses. Just grab a disc golf set and try out a course. Even if it’s your first time playing, you will have an absolute blast playing disc golf. It doesn’t matter if you play solo, with friends, or your family. You are sure to have a fantastic time.

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