Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer

happy kids playing in sprinkler

For many people in Morristown, summer is the best season of the year. This is a time of being off school, taking vacations, and enjoying the outdoors. However, the heat and humidity can make being outside uncomfortable. But you and your kids don’t need to stay inside all summer. Pick some cool activities to beat the heat.

Make Good Use of Fans

You can’t avoid being outside in the heat all summer long. When you need to go out, a battery-operated fan can be your best defense against heat waves. Many types are portable and lightweight. Moreover, you can find some that clip onto places in your car, your bike, or even strollers.

Have a Sponge Bomb Fight

You know all about water balloons, but sponge bombs are an even better option for cooling things down in the summer. You can only use water balloons once. Furthermore, they make a mess and can take a long time to fill up. Sponge bombs are reusable time after time and require virtually no cleanup. All you need to do is grab small or medium-sized sponges, soak them in water, and have fun tossing them at one another.

Make and Wear Sponge Leis

Sponges can serve another fun purpose in the summertime. For example, string a bunch together, and you have yourself a cool lei. These are great for kids to wear around the yard or at family gatherings such as barbecues and picnics. Cut up some sponges, use yarn to string them together, get them wet, and wear them around your neck. As they dry off, soak them in water some more, and you can stay cool for hours.

Pop Bottle Sprinkler Fun

Running through the sprinklers is an age-old summer tradition for many kids. This method will cool down your children quickly and entertain them on hot days for hours. There are variations to this trick that you should try this summer. For instance, take an empty 2-liter soda bottle and rinse it out. Then poke some holes in it. Thirdly, buy some swivel hose adapters and washers to hook the hose to the bottle. The water will spray out all over the place, making it a wet, cool party for everyone.

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Stroller Cooling Pad

Your little ones need to stay cool too. When they are riding in a stroller, a cooling pad is a perfect solution. It’s reusable and lasts for hours too. You can purchase pads online specifically for this purpose. You soak them in cold water and tie them to the seat of your stroller. When you’re out and about on hot days, make sure you include this item.

You can’t control the temperatures and weather outside this summer. However, these tips will help make things more bearable for your kids. Try them today.

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