How To Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value

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If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, maximizing your trade-in value is important. You want to get as much money as possible for your trade so that you can reduce the price of the new car. Let’s go over some ways you can increase the trade-in value. Then, you can head to your local dealership, trade in your car, and drive off the lot in a new one.

Fix Mechanical Problems

Does your car have some mechanical problems that you’ve been ignoring? While you can trade it in as is, you’ll get more money if you fix the problems before having it appraised. Often, the price of the repair is less than the amount you’d lose if you didn’t address it.

Take the check engine light, for instance. If the dealer sees this light on, he or she will assume that your car has a major mechanical problem and will value the trade accordingly. However, if you take it to a mechanic first, you might discover that it’s a minor issue that doesn’t cost much at all to fix. You might even just need to have the major systems reset. This is an affordable repair that will increase the car’s value quite a bit.

Detail Your Car

After addressing mechanical issues, you need to make sure your car looks its best. Dealers use the eye test when evaluating the physical condition of vehicles. If it’s dirty, it won’t pass the test, so you’ll get less for the trade. Clean it from top to bottom so it shines when you take it to the dealership.

Check for Recalls

Also, you should see if your car has any recalls. If it does, you can have the part replaced or repaired at the dealership free of charge. Once it’s taken care of, you can expect to get more money for the trade.

Trade it in at the Right Time

Dealers also factor in demand when valuing trades. If you trade it in when there’s a high demand, you can expect to get more money. Demand tends to be high in the summer since lots of people buy cars.

Gather Your Maintenance and Repair Receipts

If you have maintenance and repair receipts handy, bring them with you to the dealership. This will show that you’ve taken care of the vehicle. A well-maintained car is worth more than one that hasn’t undergone routine maintenance.

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Negotiate the Trade Separately

You can also get more for your trade by negotiating it by itself instead of bundling it with the new car. It’s much easier to negotiate when you focus on one thing at a time. After negotiating a fair price for your trade, you can then negotiate the new car’s price.

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