Items Every Freshman In College Needs

college freshman

If you have a freshman headed off to college, you’ve probably spent most of the summer checking off a list of items he or she will need. A lot of things are obvious, but there may be some you might not have though of. Here are a few essentials to consider that may not have crossed your mind.

Mattress Topper

If you’re counting on your student sleeping on the mattress provided for them via their housing arrangements, just know that it might not be as comfortable as what they’re used to. Consider an egg crate or memory foam mattress topper to help make them feel more at home.

Ear Plugs/Eye Mask

If your student is sharing a room or if their sleeping quarters are near noisy common areas, ear plugs might be a good idea for blocking out any noise from roommates or rowdy neighbors. An eye mask can help block out any light from the street at night or aid with those afternoon naps after they’ve pulled an all-nighter at the library.

Alarm Clock

A dead phone battery can mean the difference between acing an exam and failing a class, if your student were to oversleep. It’s a good idea to have (and set) an actual alarm clock for those mornings when it’s absolutely essential that he or she wakes up in time. (Side note: Make sure the clock also has back-up batteries in case of a power outage.)

Lap Desk

Your student will likely have access to a desk in their apartment or dorm room. But in case it’s a shared one (or if there are times they might prefer to study on the bed or sofa), a lap desk could really come in handy.

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First Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to have a few essentials on hand in case an accident or illness comes up when the student health center or pharmacy isn’t open. Pack a small kit with things like band-aids, antibiotic ointment, a thermometer, and medications for things like headaches, cold symptoms, and upset stomach.

Lastly, encourage your student to take something with them that reminds them of home. It may be a favorite throw blanket, a lamp, or just a framed photo. There are a lot of new things to be excited about when going off to college for the first time. But there’s also something to be said about the familiar.

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