Keep Your Home Light And Airy This Season

A light and airy interior design with muted colors.

If you living in an apartment or you own a small home that has smaller rooms, they can start to feel cramped very easily. To open up your space and keep it from feeling cluttered follow these tips.

Use Angled Furniture Layouts

The feature of any living space is the furniture. When you arrange the furniture try to find ways that leave the most space open and unoccupied. A common approach is to use a corner of the space to place two pieces of furniture for an angled L-shaped design.

Remove Clutter

If you have a lot of knick-knacks and trinkets arranged on coffee tables, end tables, or mantels, removing these items can go a long way in making the rooms in your home feel larger and more spacious.

Try a Muted Color Palate

A bold red or bright orange couch will make for a great statement piece but if you’re goal is to create a light environment, that color choice will work against you. Instead, to create a calm interior, opt for a muted color palate with earth tones like brown, green, white or tan.

Add Accent Lighting

Open the blinds and let the sun in. Natural light will make the space feel a whole lot brighter than artificial lighting alone. In addition to the natural light add accent lighting. Although nothing can beat the beams of natural sunlight streaming in, a few strategically placed lamps can really make illuminate the space.

Hang Statement Art Pieces With Soft Color Palates

Keep your wall accessories to a minimum. Instead, hang large statement pieces that fill up a lot of space on the wall without making it feel cluttered. Opt for a piece that has a soft color palate with pastels or muted colors to further enhance the feeling of openness this strategy can create.

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Use Floating Elements

Floating chairs, counter tops, desks create a clean aesthetic. Look for furniture with elements like translucent legs or other design features that make the furniture appear to be floating. Position your floating items away from walls to make the floating aspect even more apparent.

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