Morristown, TN’s Top Family Attractions

Happy parents having fun while piggybacking their small kids in nature.

Everyone needs a night out and time to unwind. Sometimes, you may want to do this with friends or a significant other. You may even need some alone time. However, when spending time with family, you can’t overlook the need to get out of the home and enjoy each other’s company. In Morristown, TN, you can do this and have a blast seeing what this city offers. Check out some of the most appealing attractions in the area.

Panther Creek State Park

When you are looking for an outdoor setting for your family to be together, this park is one you won’t want to pass up. It spans over 1,400 acres and gives gorgeous views of the Cherokee Reservoir and the Holston River Valley. You can get out of the city and explore the park by hiking its trails. There is also a playground where your younger children can run around. If you prefer, you can go to Cherokee Lake and take advantage of the water. Here, you will find boating, fishing, and paddling activities. Moreover, there is lots of wildlife to see, including an array of birds.

Crockett Tavern Museum

The legendary folk hero Davy Crockett once lived here. The home has been a National Historic Place since 2014. Firstly, take part in the tour that talks about the history of the museum and Crockett’s life. There is also a trading post where you can buy souvenirs, including books, posters, and pins. Furthermore, admission is budget-friendly. You can also get a discount if you come with a group of 15 or more people.

College Square Mall

If your family likes to shop or browse various stores, the College Square Mall is a fun place to hang out. There is no shortage of shopping options as well as places to eat. You can bring your kids here to purchase gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. Or, you might want to splurge and spoil your kids for any reason you choose.

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Briarwood Ranch Safari Park

Another great option for appreciating nature is the Briarwood Ranch Safari Park. Come here and enjoy a 4-mile safari trip over rolling hills and through the trees. When you come to this park, you can check out animals from six continents. Furthermore, there are wagon rides and chances to pet animals such as zebras, llamas, goats, and deer. This park has something for people of all ages to enjoy. In addition, you can cap off your day by picking up a few souvenirs to help you remember the day.

Your upcoming family outing should be at one of these places. Pick one and go there this week. You can then explore the rest throughout the rest of the year.

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