Here’s Why Getting An Oil Change Is Important

Service technician doing an oil change service

If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, you know that service professionals are always touting the importance of regular oil changes. But motor oil seems like such a simple thing; can it really be that crucial to the health and well-being of your car? And do you really need to get your oil changed as often as your owner’s manual recommends? In a word: yes. Read on to find out why oil changes are such a vital part of your overall car care plan.

It’s Not “Only Oil”

Motor oil may not sound like that big of a deal, but this slick substance has more than a few major roles to play in auto care. What if we told you that it can help safeguard your engine? And that by keeping up with regular oil changes, you can invest a modest amount of time and money now in order to avoid the major hassle, stress, and expense of engine repair down the line? It’s true. One of the cheapest and easiest maintenance tasks is also one of the most important ones – so the bottom line is that you can’t afford NOT to get your oil changed. Here are a few ways that fresh, high-quality motor oil works to keep your engine safe:

  • It acts as a lubricant. There are many moving parts in your car’s engine, and when these parts aren’t properly lubricated, they can grind together. This causes friction and can lead to wear and tear which may eventually result in engine trouble.
  • It acts as a coolant. With all of those components, things can get heated inside your engine block. That’s when motor oil does some of its best work, serving to cool down the parts and keep them from suffering heat damage.
  • It acts as a cleanser. Over time, thick residue called sludge can build up in the engine, gumming up the works and negatively impacting efficiency. Changing the oil helps prevent sludgy buildup. It also swaps out particle- and debris-filled motor oil for a fresh, clean supply to promote proper engine function.

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Quick and Easy Oil Changes at Tarr Hyundai

It’s not too late to get your car caught up with the oil change service you’ve been putting off! At Tarr Hyundai, we make it so easy and convenient – not to mention affordable – to get this simple service done that you won’t even have to make excuses! Just click over to our online service scheduler to select a date and time that work well with your busy life and lock in your service appointment. Then trust our expert technicians to take good care of you and your car, and get you back on the road in no time.

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