Questions Your Mechanic Can Answer

Mechanic man talking to his customer in auto repair

No matter the kind of vehicle you drive, there will come a time when it will need extensive work. Whether you choose to visit your local, trusted dealership for high-quality vehicle maintenance or an outside auto service center, before handing over the keys, be sure to ask the mechanic these questions!

Estimated Cost

Most of the time, when drivers find out it’s time for a vehicle repair, their mind goes straight to their bank account. It’s no secret vehicle maintenance is a substantial investment, and you want to be prepared upfront for the estimated cost. After talking through the details, we encourage you to get a handwritten estimate before proceeding with the services. Also, once they get to work, ask them to call you for approval before moving forward with any additional services.

The Team

Don’t be afraid to ask the auto service center about their team of technicians. Your vehicle is one of the most costly items you own, and you want to be sure it will be receiving optimal care. Find out what certifications and training is required at their auto shop.

The Hourly Rate

When performing an extensive repair, the cost adds up, as some services take hours upon hours to complete, and that is going to cost you. When discussing the estimated cost, also ask for the hourly labor rate.

Make Sure You are Covered

Once a service is complete, most service centers will offer a warranty on the new part or service completed. On average, it is usually 12 months or 12,000 miles. Make sure if you drive off the lot, and a problem occurs a few months later, it won’t cost you.

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The Timeline

We rely on our cars more than we think. You cannot get to work, drop the kids off at school, or run errands without your set of wheels. Depending on how long it will take to receive parts and the amount of labor required, you might be out a car for a while. Ask for an estimated amount of days so you can be prepared to ask a friend for a ride or set up a rental.

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