Plan A Summer Staycation With These Activities

Beautiful young couple having fun and laughing while cooking in kitchen at home

Are you planning a summer staycation this year? Fill your time off with these fun and restful experiences!

Gourmet Cooking

When was the last time you were able to cook for fun and not just to get a meal on the table? Take a day to cook things that you truly enjoy, whether that’s a four-course meal, an elaborate cake with lots of layers and decorations, or even homemade croissants. Break out the apron, the flour, and spend time cooking and baking just for fun!

Movie Day

Spend a day recreating the theater experience from the comfort of your own couch! Make plenty of buttery popcorn, grab your coziest blankets, and hunker down for a day of cinema. Whether you make your way through a few Oscar® nominees or your own personal to-watch list, you can spend the day getting lost in other worlds!

Home Projects

Sometimes you just can’t fit a whole home improvement project into a weekend, so use your staycation time to tackle one of the bigger projects on your to-do list! Maybe that’s painting the whole first floor, redesigning the living room, or putting new tile into the bathroom. Whatever your big project is, you’re sure to enjoy it more when you have plenty of time to rest afterward!

Date Night

No vacation, even a staycation, would be complete without a date night for you and your partner! If you have children, line up a babysitter or ensure the little ones can be in bed early so that you can have much-needed time to yourselves. If you’re able, enjoy some local patio dining, order takeout, or cook a nice meal to enjoy together.

Get Outside

Staycations are a great time to enjoy the great outdoors around Morristown! Plan a day at Cherokee Lake, take a hike, or spend a few nights camping off the grid for a restful, technology-free experience!

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Spa/Self-Care Day

Everyone could use a self-care day, so build one into your staycation. Plan for a nice bath, reading a new book, rewatching your favorite TV shows, and some light exercise for some joyful movement.

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