Keep The Kids Entertained With These Swimming Pool Games

Water splashes

Do you love lounging in the pool, but your kids need something a little extra? It’s easy to keep the little ones entertained when adding some swimming pool games into the mix. You might even find yourself breaking free of your pool float and playing the games as well. They’re so much fun that it’ll be hard to sit on the sidelines.

Pool Float Basketball

Put your pool floats to good use by turning them into basketball goals. Then break up into two teams and play a game of basketball. If you don’t have enough people for a whole team, you can play a game of HORSE instead. That will take you back to your childhood.

Cannonball Splash Contest

You’ve probably participated in a cannonball splash contest at least once in your life. Now, it’s time to pass that tradition down to your kids. You can serve as the judge as the kids do their best to create the biggest splash. Increase the fun by getting some cards with numbers 1-10. Then, you can flash a score when each child jumps in the water.

Diving Contest

Does your pool have a diving board? If so, consider hosting a diving contest. The entire family can show off their skills during the game. Someone needs to serve as the judge and give everyone a score. You can have multiple rounds, giving each person a chance to be the judge. Don’t be surprised if your kids love judging as much as diving.

Dive and Seek

Your kids love playing hide and seek on dry land, so how about a game of dive and seek? Throw objects into the pool and let them sink to the bottom. Then have your kids dive in and search for them. The one who finds the most items is the winner.

Make sure you get your kids some goggles to wear during the game. Otherwise, the pool chemicals might sting their eyes.

Swimming Races

Set up a swimming pool race so the kids (and adults) can find out who is the fastest swimmer. If the kiddos are still learning how to swim, you can simplify things by seeing who can travel the furthest after pushing off from the wall. You can up the ante by having the kids hold their breath after pushing off on the wall.

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Handstand Contest

The swimming pool is also the perfect spot to host a handstand content. Find out who can hold a straight handstand underwater for the longest time. Between holding their breath and keeping their legs straight, this is a fun challenge for kids.

If you play these games, you won’t have any trouble keeping the little ones entertained. You’ll also have a great time playing basketball, diving, and more.

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