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Enjoy The Local Flavor Of Holston’s Kitchen

Folded white napkins on table mat, stainless steel knives forks and crystal drinking glasses on black wooden table
Sometimes, you need to get out of the kitchen. Hey, there are times you simply need to leave the house for an evening out. When you need a night like that, visit Holston's Kitchen for a great dinner full of local cuisine described as "Smoky Mountain flavor". Appetizers Holston's Kitchen jokingly says... [read more]

Discover The Best Burger In Morristown

What makes a burger the best you've ever had? Is it the warm, fluffy bun? Maybe it's the thickness and flavor of the patty? Or perhaps it's the crunch from the lettuce, tomato, and pickles that stack on top? Whatever makes up your perfect burger, you can without a doubt... [read more]