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Make This Green Shakshuka For A Nutritious Meal

Green vegetable shakshuka. Middle eastern traditional dish shakshouka. Fried eggs with tomatoes, baby spinach, vegetables and herbs, Dark green background top view.
Craving something nutritious and filled with veggies this week. This variation of the North African breakfast dish, shakshuka, is filled with leafy greens, and protein-packed eggs. Whip up this recipe and serve it with a side of toasted bread or pita bread for brunch this weekend. Green Shakshuka Ingredients 1 tablespoon... [read more]

Cook In-Season With These Satisfying Recipes

A selection of vegetables on a table
Cooking with in-season ingredients can help you save money at the grocery store and make for a more nutritious meal. In-season vegetables that haven't been stored for weeks or months are fresher, so they have a higher nutritional value. In addition fresh, in-season vegetables taste better. So, here are three... [read more]