5 Tips For Test-Driving A Car

2021 Hyundai Elantra

You’ve spent a lot of time determining which car you want to purchase, but you won’t know for sure until you go for a test drive. Some people phone it in when it comes to test drives, but that is a mistake. You need to make sure everything is in working order and determine how the vehicle performs in different conditions before you know if it’s right for you. Go over some tips for test-driving a car so you can find the ideal vehicle.

1.      Inspect the Vehicle First

Always inspect the vehicle before taking it for a test drive. Give it a once over, looking for rust, dents, or other signs of wear. Check for cracks in the windshield and look at the tread on the tires. Also, make sure the brake lights and turn signals work before taking off in the car.

2.      Let the Car Idle Before You Leave

Fire up the engine but don’t drive off just yet. Let it idle and give it a listen. Does the engine sound strong, or is it whining, rattling, or clicking? If the engine sounds good, check the air conditioner, heater, radio, navigation system, and other features to ensure everything is in working order. Finally, make sure you’re comfortable before you test-drive the car. You should have plenty of leg and headroom, and the seats should be comfortable.

3.      See How the Vehicle Performs in Stop-and-go Traffic

You can tell a lot about a car by driving it in stop-and-go traffic. See how the brakes perform and listen for sounds like grinding and squeaking that indicate something’s wrong. Also, check how the car performs when you drive over potholes and see how it handles 90-degree turns.

4.      Hit the Highway

You also need to see how the car performs when on the highway. Take it up to at least 55 mph. Check the acceleration and gauge the blind spots. You also need to switch lanes so you can determine the handling when driving on the highway. Also, go up a hill so you can see how smooth the transmission is when shifting.

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5.      Parallel Park

Finally, find out how the car performs when it comes to parallel parking. Is it easy to turn the wheel? Does the car move from drive to reverse with ease? Is the vehicle responsive and easy to park? This will give you a good indication of what it will feel like to drive the car daily.

Now you know what to do during a test drive, and it’s time to take the next step. Tarr Hyundai in Morristown, Tennessee, can help you find the perfect car for your driving style. Stop by to take one or more out for a test drive today.

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