Tips For Better Fuel Efficiency

Gas station

Gas can be expensive, and when that needle gets closer and closer to the E mark, you might start fretting about the hefty price tag you’re about to take on. Well, there are specific tips for better fuel efficiency that can help you stretch your gas budget. Here are some ideas that you may want to try.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Did you know that your tire loses about one PSI per month? When your tires have pressure that is lower than what is suggested on your sticker doorjam it can affect your car’s performance, tire longevity, and yes, fuel economy.

Obey Speed Limits

In addition to saving you from costly speeding tickets, studies have shown that driving at certain speeds can be more efficient. For instance, if you’re on the highway, instead of cruising at 70 miles per hour, choose 60. This could lower your car’s fuel consumption.

Hyundai Eco Mode

If Hyundai Eco Mode is on your vehicle, consider turning it on sometimes. While engaged, Hyundai Eco Mode will alter the way your transmission shifts gears. While this may lower your acceleration slightly, it can make your car more fuel efficient. Check our owner’s manual for directions on when and where to turn on Eco Mode.

Drive Evenly

There’s a reason why all cars report city and highway gas mileage numbers: there’s much more stop-and-go around town. Well, consider how you start and stop. The more gradual the better for your fuel economy.

Check Online

There are actually apps and websites, such as GasBuddy,  dedicated to helping you find the lowest price in your area. As a rule of thumb, gas at stations that are well off major highways and away from city centers tends to cost less.

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Minimize Travel

Sure, this is obvious, but it’s worth a mention. The less you drive the more you will preserve gas. But you’ll actually be doing something more than cutting your own fuel bill. The less gas you use the more you contribute to reducing fuel scarcity. In other words less demand, well, you know.

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