Tips For Planning Your Last Minute Vacay

woman making travel plans

It’s the month of July, which means you’re halfway through the summer. If you’re not sitting on the beach this July Fourth, it’s time to treat yourself to a summer vacation. If you’re in a pinch and looking to plan something before the summer ends and the kids head back to school, use these tips for planning a last-minute vacation.

Use a Travel Agent

Taking a well-earned vacation is all about relaxing and taking a break from work. If you take on the stress of planning a vacation, chances are, you’re not getting the rest you deserve. If you’re planning a more complex trip than just a drive down to the beach or mountains, leave it up to a travel agent to give you all of the helpful tips and hacks. If your reason for not using a travel agent is the additional cost, think again because most travel agents don’t cost you any additional fees. Once you book your trip, they will simply make a commission.

When You’re Flying

If your chosen destination requires you to fly, be strategic when it comes to booking your airfare. If you plan to travel on the weekends, a flight is going to cost more on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday than on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Flight prices usually drop on Tuesdays and Sundays, so be sure to browse on those days. And if there’s an option to book flights with budget airlines, that’s another way you can save. You’ll be happy to sacrifice the soda, chips, and paid-for checked bag for cheaper airfare.

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14-Day Rule

If you enjoy the thrill of last-minute plans, consider using the 14-day rule to your advantage when planning a last-minute vacation. If there is a cruise, flight, hotel, or resort you’re eyeing, wait until about two weeks out to book. If there are openings, they will be at a highly discounted price. After all, who doesn’t love a spontaneous vacation?

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