Upgrade Your Backyard For Less

backyard patio with seating and string lights at night

As springtime settles in, you might want to spend more time outside. Make your outdoor space a place you’ll love to spend time with these backyard upgrades.

Lounge Space

Your backyard can be your own private oasis, and when the weather is right, it’s a prime spot for outdoor relaxation. If you have some sturdy trees or posts, string up a hammock to rock yourself in the breeze. If the branches overhead are fit for the task, you could even hang up a swinging chair with cushions for a shaded reading space.  Some weather-proof furniture could be arranged to designate an outdoor hangout area, and you can accent the space with fountains, foliage, or even a firepit.

Patios, Pavers, and Walkways

There could be more to your green space than green grass, and paving a portion of your backyard can establish a cool contrast. You can use pavers and pea gravel to set apart your lounging area, or lay down pavers to form a walkway around your garden. If you want to save on watering your lawn, consider a stony xeriscape, accented with a few desert plants for an efficiently arid space. While installing a patio can be an involved project, it could also be a stylish addition to your home and a comfortable place to enjoy the fresh air.

Cast Some Shade

If you need to set a space apart for a garden, or want to accent the gate of your fence, a trellis or arbor can add an eye-catching accent to your backyard. They can be fashioned from wood or metal to match the rest of your outdoor space, and they also offer vertical growing space for vines and vegetables. If you have a patio or lounge space that you want to shade from the direct sunlight, consider installing a pergola, a wooden structure with open beams across the top. The open ceiling could be decorated with leafy vines for added shade, and the natural pattern of breezy leaves can cast intriguing light and shadows on the patio below.

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