Ice Cream Tips You Need To Know

Girls eating ice-cream in summer

There are lots of things that come to mind when thinking about summer. The warm weather and how to stay cool are always on the brain. One summer tradition that seems to hold every year is ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream? There are so many different kinds of ice cream and ways you can serve it at home. No summer is complete without a tasty treat. Here are some awesome tips you need to upgrade a traditional scoop.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream is tasty, but why not smoosh your scoop between two cookies? Two desserts in one sound is pretty good. If you’re looking for an easy way to assemble your delicious ice cream sandwiches, we have a tip for you that doesn’t include scooping. All you need is a serrated knife and hot water. Run the knife under hot water and cut into your pint of ice cream horizontally. You can also use a cookie cutter! If you’re looking to elevate these ice cream sandwiches, even more, try brownie ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Pops

If you are having a summer pool party or birthday bash, there is no better way to celebrate than ice cream cake pops. You’ll need a bit more temperature control for these, but we’ve got you covered. Our little tip only requires that you buy store-bought ice cream sandwiches. Then, you will cut the sandwiches in half vertically and insert a popsicle stick in either half. For a fun finish, dip the ice cream in rainbow sprinkles.

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Coke Float

Milkshakes are tasty but can become a real hustle with the blender. To keep things easy, try a Coke float. A refreshing Coke is a summertime favorite and so is ice cream, so why not put the two together for a fun dessert beverage? You can add a few salted peanuts to the top for a southern touch. You may want to grab some extra-wide straws at the store so that you can enjoy your nostalgic dessert with ease.

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