Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer

Friends making movie night at back yard

Has the warm weather been calling you outside lately? Make the most of the summer by trying out some fun outdoor activities with friends and family.

Fun and Games

Take your next game night from the dinner table or living room and move it out under the starry sky. Set up a comfortable space on a patio or other scenic spot, and if you have the right surface and seating, you can bring out any of your favorite board games. You could also take advantage of the open space for some friendly competition, so consider investing in the materials for some backyard games. Grab some beanbags and boards for cornhole, or set up a giant Jenga tower. You could even step out ahead of the rest to set up a scavenger hunt, and the fun isn’t limited to your backyard, as a neighborhood park would also be a great venue for family games.

Dinner Outdoors

Whether you’re planning a get-together or just prepping dinner for the household, a change of venue can add a new dimension to dinner time. It’s a great opportunity to fire up the grill, and you can bring the food directly from the heat to the dinner table if you have the right arrangement outside. You might even have a view of a garden where your dinner was grown. For dessert, you could stoke a firepit to melt marshmallows for s’mores.

Movie Night

Putting on a movie can be easy, hands-off entertainment, but with the proper preparation, it can also be an event that everyone can look forward to. If you have a projector, you can cast a film onto the side of your home, or drape a sheet down to serve as your projection screen. Then, you can decorate your space to fit the theme of the movie, or just hang up some string lights.

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